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Airport Seir-o-Safar Company

More than half a century of experience in passenger transportation nationwide

At present the company has nearly 900 flatbed cars of various kinds, including: Samand, Toyota Corolla, Toyota camry- Van Hayes, which provide services to all respected passengers at Imam Khomeini (pbh) international airport.

The services of the company are provided to passengers as door to door, from the door at home in Tehran to airport and from airport to home in Tehran and to all other parts of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Currently, the company is taking steps to replace Samand cars with other latest model cars with Euro 5 standards and intends to continuously replace all covered vehicles with the latest models, which has replaced one hundred Samand cars with Renault Safrane 2016 car.

The management of the airport, using 50 years of experience in the transportation of the country and possessing the necessary facilities to meet all the requirements of passenger transportation, can update providing services in accordance with all the countries of the world, and if required by the relevant authorities it is prepared to supply and execute this task.

Currently, the company also has contracts with government and private sector organizations such as: Islamic Assembly - Homa National Airline - Mahan Airline- Saman Bank - Special Airports Facility (cip) - Atomic Energy Agency - Airport Abyas Hotel and a number of lLarge hotels and travel agencies and private companies that announce the full satisfaction from the services of the company.

Seir-o-Safar company is proud to have been operating in transportation of passengers, both inside and outside the city, since the beginning of the international airport of Imam Khomeini (pbh). In this regard, it is currently continuing its activities with more than 700 special cars with completely exclusive colors and with a quality different from classic methods. This company with customer satisfaction and a successful record, through expanding its passenger fleet and improving its quality intends to provide its services in the form of contract with all the airlines, public and private centers, hotels, tourism and recreational centers, banks, etc.


  • Providing service from Tehran (home) to airport and vice versa.
  • Providing services in Tehran and all other parts of cities.
  • Equippd with high-performance cars (Toyota Camry- Toyota Aoroll)
  • Possibility of using Van cars (Mitsubishi - Toyota Hayes)
  • Equipped with GPS for all cars
  • Use experienced, trained drivers familiar with all routes
  • Providing services to contracting companies in priority and performing non-delayed services

How the Imam Airport Taxi Works

Seir-o-Safr company of the airport is intended, with its full potential, to satisfy customers and facilitate providing service for all the customers.
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    Call 1833

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    Determine the time of your travel

  • Where?

    Where is your destination, just tell us?

  • How many?

    Determine the number of passengers

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